Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hello everyone!

Or one or two people more likely.
I'll be recording overheard conversations and fights and messy telephonic breakups and downs - all in the space of a 15 minute bus journey. Enough material for a soap mini series at the very least.

I'm talking about the number 14 from Liverpool city centre to Norris Green and beyond, but if anyone has scary or amusing encounters on number 14s (or indeed any other bus number) I'd be only too glad to read them. If it's perilous and/or funny, and you feel under threat or have to bite your lip to stop laughing riotously, I'd like to know about it...

Oh yeah, and I don't do written accents. You'll have to imagine those.

Where relevant I'll drop in the odd music video. It won't be a song I like necessarily, just relevant.


  1. you don't do 'written accents'? You to posh? x

  2. sorry should be 'too'. Oh the shame...but, there again, I'm not posh!