Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Back from the dead

Yes I'm still in the land of the living. Just got a bad habit of getting enthusiastic about something - and then abandoning things for ages. This blog being just one of those things.
Sorry about that. 
Today was the chorus of madmen (pissed at 1pm, but harmless, and probably a bit deranged to start with, even before he drenched the old cerebral cortex with alcohol) and babies. Both very repetitive. The drunken bloke was on about having lived in "Crocky" (i.e. Croxteth for non Liverpool people) for fourteen years, with all the nutcases. I assume he meant the violent ones, rather than the seemingly peaceful ones like himself. The baby kept on saying "i-YA" and the mum cooed at her. Like a much cuter, gentler version of this grim, nasty old harpy at work that screeches "I-ya baaaaabe". Or sometimes, doll. She walks just like a zombie.