Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Monday 28th May

In the pub, on a date with Bicycle Man. Help this is meant to be on the other blog, but I did meet the guy at the bus stop so it's tangentially related.

Lovely dog story (2)

St Bernard
Should have taken a picture really. This dog was bloody enormous and docile. He took up the whole screaming brats and orange mothers area, practically. Makes a change from the surly staffies with zonked out cracked out scally owners attached.

Lovely Dog Story (1)

It's not all angst and aggro. Maybe sometimes it's just too early to summon up the energy. A lovely big husky got on the bus. A woman made a great big fuss about him. Nothing to do with dog or owner, just a random, gushing. The dog ambled up to me, and I reached out to stroke him, keeping it pretty calm and reserved. The woman screeched, come back. His owner was a bit nonplussed. Not even her dog in the first place.
Huh. Maybe he preferred my calm approach. You wonder whether cute creatures human or animal really appreciate visible fuss and gushing.